Teyana Taylor – Broken Hearted Girl f/ Fabolous [Video]

Teyana Taylor

Many don’t know but I am a FAB UBER FAN! He’s from BROOKLYN, his flow is DISGUSTING, and he ALWAYS delivers on a track, whether it be a newcomer or a seasoned vet, Fab delivers….but this isn’t about him. Teyana Taylor is on FIRE right now. She has everyone on the edge and waiting for her LONG AWAITED, OFT PUSHED BACK, DEBUT ALBUM VII.¬†Catch the visual and listen to how Tey and Fab slay below….

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Foxy Brown & Others Artists @ Def Jam 30 [Video]

Foxy Brown

Everybody that knows me, KNOWS and I am a DIE HARD Foxy Brown fan. That’s gon always be the King Bitch in my eyes. News moves pretty slow here in VA and I try my best to keep up but … *shrug*. Def Jam celebrated 30 years of Hip Hop…I know I’m gettin’ old because I could swear that they JUST had a 20th anniversary. The Barclay’s Center hosted the event where former artists like DMX, Ja Rule and Ashanti, Redman, Method Man, came out and rocked the mic. Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Fabolous, French Montana and Big Sean even graced the stage. Catch their performances below tho…

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Beyonce x Nicki Minaj – Flawless [Video]

Ok so….I know that Bey and Nick performed on the last leg of the On The Run tour and they SMASHED. Of course we’ve all seen the performance via that ONE TIME HBO paymet that some made to their cable providers. lol. (Wont’ catch me on a monthly basis COX!!) I really tried to hold out and not post the vid because my optimism that they would create an OFFICIAL visual for this video led my thinking….It’s been WEEKS and I haven’t seen it yet…so, let’s just go ahead and share the performance with the 6 people in the world who didn’t see .

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BET Cyphers [Video]

Ok, so the BET HIP HOP AWARDS were the other day….I don’t partake in the foolishness, and the coonery that is BET. I won’t , or at least I’ll try not to, go into how my dislike and distaste for this network grows with every OLD idea they throw back in our faces every year with these awards shows and lack luster productions. It’s amazing that we (African Americans, screw it…and all other denominations) partake in this crap. Hey, I’m not gonna bash them…for a network to still be around decades later…they’re doing something right, or catering to the right crowd.

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