Losing Love & Coping Through



The Simplicity of a moment in LOVE

There was a time when I never thought I’d find the fairy tale love, you know, that love that you see in movies and read about in books. The couple meets, they create their story, and then they live happily ever after. Never did I believe in this lifetime or the next that I would be able to feel that, but I did. TRUE LOVE is so pure that the very smell of the person drives you into a euphoric state where intimacy doesn’t become the end result, but the essence of that person wrapping around you and engulfing every fiber of your being. That is what I felt…and I had it…for 6 years.

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Ebro is pretty pissed off

So it seems that this Drake and Meek Mill ordeal is pulling in all sorts of players in all aspects of music. Not really, but whatever. Hot97 and Power1051 have been competing for quite some time. With 97 on the losing side and 105 continually growing per listener rate. 

Today, Charlamagne gave his daily Donkey Of The Day to Funk Master Flex, DJ on Hot97. Personally, he should have given the title to Meek Mill who for one started a fire that now he can’t put out. Flex was supposed to drop Meeks new diss record but unfortunately its been unavailable. 

Drake goes in once again and provides us with a second track BACK TO BACK. In the video above, Ebro decides to slam 105 for what reason? Who knows…. But word is that he’s been pretty upset because his station continues to flop and fail at every turn. 

What do u guys think of this foolishness? 

It’s Just MARRIAGE Now


So, a day after I express how proud of the Supreme Court I am for keeping America moving forward, by solidifying Obama Care, I awake to a brand new America. This, to me, signifies an end to an era where discrimination ran hand in hand with what most individuals call “tradition”. I’m happy that now there is no division of rights as to who can wed. That’s a big move for America and a giant leap for the LGBTQ community.

Personally, as someone of the community, I never felt that I would ever marry anyone, wether it be female, male or otherwise. I have though, always felt like my options were limited and if in fact I wanted to marry my partner, we would have to trudge on that path together. I’ve seen relationships go through the storm in the process of trying to get married. 

President Obama is really stacking up on his legacy. We’ve moved past the fact that our President is African American and now we can relish in the movements he has made for our progress as a society. Either way, big ups to America and all those who now can share in their equal rights!