Dear Kanye Kardashian

I really wish I had more eloquent words to use in this letter….but Kanye pissed me off….and well….cuss words.  Please Enjoy.

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Times Like These 

Friday. 5am. Silence. Rain. This takes me back to a time when #Hubbs and I would lay in bed and just breathe each others essence. No words, just the sound of hard rain hitting the window, the wind trying to push the door in, and the warmth of LOVE holding me while a snore crept up in my ear. If you listen close enough you can hear ONE heart beat coming from the both of us. 2 as 1.

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Losing Love & Coping Through



The Simplicity of a moment in LOVE

There was a time when I never thought I’d find the fairy tale love, you know, that love that you see in movies and read about in books. The couple meets, they create their story, and then they live happily ever after. Never did I believe in this lifetime or the next that I would be able to feel that, but I did. TRUE LOVE is so pure that the very smell of the person drives you into a euphoric state where intimacy doesn’t become the end result, but the essence of that person wrapping around you and engulfing every fiber of your being. That is what I felt…and I had it…for 6 years.

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Ebro is pretty pissed off

So it seems that this Drake and Meek Mill ordeal is pulling in all sorts of players in all aspects of music. Not really, but whatever. Hot97 and Power1051 have been competing for quite some time. With 97 on the losing side and 105 continually growing per listener rate. 

Today, Charlamagne gave his daily Donkey Of The Day to Funk Master Flex, DJ on Hot97. Personally, he should have given the title to Meek Mill who for one started a fire that now he can’t put out. Flex was supposed to drop Meeks new diss record but unfortunately its been unavailable. 

Drake goes in once again and provides us with a second track BACK TO BACK. In the video above, Ebro decides to slam 105 for what reason? Who knows…. But word is that he’s been pretty upset because his station continues to flop and fail at every turn. 

What do u guys think of this foolishness? 

Haitians & Dominicans : Ethnic Cleansing (REALLY THO?)

The sign this female holds reads (As best as I can translate given my great education,lol) “I am not racist, but I don’t want Haitians in my (city?, Home?, Place?). One word. Disgusting.

What I find stomach turning about this is that these are 2 cutural groups who are so closely intertwined but yet seem to “hate” and discriminate against each other for because of which side of the island you were born on. I’m proud that America is minding its own business in this matter, but damn…wouldn’t it be nice to lend a hand? There has been absolutely little to NO news coverage about this “Ethnic Cleansing” that is taking place. I decided to research on my own, once again. The videos….the disgusting, immoral videos that I’ve seen online…it saddens me. I often get myself emotionally involved in these situations but then I have to take a step back and realize….I am afforded my right because of where I live and these people….just aren’t. The way things work here, don’t fly the same everywhere else.

You guys have to go to youtube or any other video source to see the TRAVESTY that is taking place in the Dominican Republic. Thinking back through what I was taught about Haiti and the DR, and remembering stories that were told by friends and family who are of DR/Haitian descent, I can say this :

DR & Haiti History

The Dominican Republic and Haiti have been at odds for decades. Haitian “blackness” became a different type of blackness than that of a Dominican. It’s been a long standing practice of not recognizing Dominican people of Haitian descent who were born in the Dominican Republic. They are often lumped in with a second group: Haitian migrants who came to the country – sometimes by force – to worin the sugarcane fields. These sentiments were taught in school and repeated through state propaganda until the late ’60s. (Here’s RED FLAG #1, Teaching Discrimination)

Rafael Leónidas Trujillo 

One man did more than anyone else to encourage the aforementioned. The country’s president between 1930s – 1961, Rafael Leónidas Trujillo. The 1937 Parsley Massacre is widely regarded as a turning point in Haitian-Dominican relations. The massacre, executed by the Dominican dictator, slaughtered generations of Haitians along with Dominicans who looked dark enough to be Haitian. It was said that their inability to roll the “r” in perejil (the Spanish word for parsley) gave them away. (This was the most ABSURD thing I’ve read in forever, but in todays day and age….what doesn’t pass as “ok”? Even back then. It disturbs me that this genocide was government sponsored.)


Today’s impending deportations stem from a law passed last year that requires all foreign-born workers to register with the government within a year or face deportation, as noted by the New York Times. The government has said it wants to only get a handle on its migrant work force, and has promised to open a path to naturalization for those who register.The law, which followed a 2013 court ruling to strip the citizenship of children born in the Dominican Republic to foreign parents, was seen by many in the human rights community as thinly veiled discrimination against the Dominicans’ darker-skinned neighbors.

I’m done expressing my disgust….What do you guys think about this?