Losing Love & Coping Through



The Simplicity of a moment in LOVE

There was a time when I never thought I’d find the fairy tale love, you know, that love that you see in movies and read about in books. The couple meets, they create their story, and then they live happily ever after. Never did I believe in this lifetime or the next that I would be able to feel that, but I did. TRUE LOVE is so pure that the very smell of the person drives you into a euphoric state where intimacy doesn’t become the end result, but the essence of that person wrapping around you and engulfing every fiber of your being. That is what I felt…and I had it…for 6 years.

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Ebro is pretty pissed off

So it seems that this Drake and Meek Mill ordeal is pulling in all sorts of players in all aspects of music. Not really, but whatever. Hot97 and Power1051 have been competing for quite some time. With 97 on the losing side and 105 continually growing per listener rate. 

Today, Charlamagne gave his daily Donkey Of The Day to Funk Master Flex, DJ on Hot97. Personally, he should have given the title to Meek Mill who for one started a fire that now he can’t put out. Flex was supposed to drop Meeks new diss record but unfortunately its been unavailable. 

Drake goes in once again and provides us with a second track BACK TO BACK. In the video above, Ebro decides to slam 105 for what reason? Who knows…. But word is that he’s been pretty upset because his station continues to flop and fail at every turn. 

What do u guys think of this foolishness? 

What’s Wrong With Being #Transracial?


As an AfricanAmerican man…. Call me whatever negative connotation you can find, but I honestly don’t see a problem here. We live in a world where it’s accepted to make a transition from FEMALE to MALE and vice versa but this young woman is being DRAGGED through social media for doing what she believed to be in support of African Americans or to give herself the chance to experience what we do on a daily basis. 

I say these things without the prior knowledge of what she has contributed or taken from our community. Then again, this is not a post about Rachel Dolezal but more of a response to how people are attacking her.

Here’s a bit of the story. Said female LIED to get into the NAACP by stating that her race was African American, as the story unfolds, it comes out that she has adopted black family members and even posted pictures of her adopted brother, who is black, as her own. Her parents then decided to come out and out her because they felt what she was doing was wrong. As the NAACP has stated, it wouldn’t have mattered what race she was when applying. 

Just reading these tweets/posts/comments of blacks talking about how they are OFFENDED is boiling my blood. This woman, regardless of HOW she got in, did so in ADVOCACY of OUR people. Would I take an African American female who lies on their application in the race section for a job and blast her because she wears blonde hair, fake body parts, and skin lightening enhancements? No.

I think in this day and age, so many things are blown out of proportion. We have a CELEBRITY formerly known as BRUCE JENNER who recently transitioned to CAITLYN JENNER and as he was lightly dragged through the inter space…. As this has died down, now we can jump on this NAACP LEADER for doing what she felt would assist her in the fight for African Americans. 

I’m just in shock that this TRANSRACIAL woman is a problem. Again, I don’t know her or her background but why attack her for her lifestyle choice?