A Lil’ About Statik Magg

Whats Ya Statik?? Statik Magg is here for pure entertaining purposes. Interested in different opinions on entertainment, music, movies, random topics? Ull get that. Or maybe it’s that you’re bored and felt like getting our views up, either way THANKS!  Stay tuned for posts about any and everything causing Statik in the world…hell, if you have anything you wanna get off your chest, submit it…and lets chop it up.

We love engaging in discussions as well as looking at different viewpoints on certain topics. Read, Relate & Discuss with us…

Wanna keep up wit’ da kid?

  • Twitter: @Roebhat
  • IG: @Roebhat
  • Facebook: Roe Evans Jr.
  • Periscope: Roebhat
  • Snapchat:  Bkloyalty
  • Tumblr: Juscallmero.tumblr.com

All we ask is that you keep it cute, and if you can’t do then let’s try MUTE… be forewarned…The CLAPBACK and  PETTY is SERIOUS on this side…



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