Dear Kanye Kardashian

I really wish I had more eloquent words to use in this letter….but Kanye pissed me off….and well….cuss words.  Please Enjoy.

Dear Kanye,

I say this with the utmost direspect….MAAAAN



Idk what kinda voodoo juice them damn kardashiknee-Jenners got’chu sippin, but your weird ass is so far out of touch with reality it makes my teeth itch.  Youse a nigga….and I don’t mean that in no nice way!!!!

Despite the many the atrocities you’ve committed over the years, I’ve continued to rock with you….side-eyeing the fuck outta you along the way….but your musical genius is apparent and I respect it.  “Graduation” is still getting me through life TBH….like when you said “It’s got to be cause I’m seasoned haters gimme them salty looks, Lawrys”….I still fall outta my chair at that line….still….



LAWRY’S YALL!!!!  I just….


But here and now….I see that the narcissistic, crazy pills your family by marriage are slipping into your food when you’re not looking, have finally taken their toll.  You gone bruh. Never to return. RIP Kanye West. You will be missed.



So now that I can properly mourn this loss, I want to take a moment to address your replacement doppleganger….ahem

Dear Yeezy Kardashian,


YOU GOT ‘CHO BLACK ASS, BALD HEAD, ASHY-ASSED NERVE YOU BITCH-BOY YOU!  You clearly been hanging out with chester ass Tyga too long.  The fuck-boy is strong within you both.  How dare you fix your twitter fingers to personally attack another mans family???? How dare you slither your slimy ass onto our good God-fearing TL’s talmbout you own this man’s child because you dated his mom almost a DECADE ago? Bitch how goddamn dare you degrade this woman like she’s some lower class human being for being a stripper (A stripper you cried over doe….) when your deplorable ass wife got her boring, stale vagina all over these interwebs for the ppl to use as a mild sedative in the event that watching paint dry doesn’t lull them into a deep slumber!?!?  You really got your crusty assed nerve Mr. Kardashiass.

Lemme tell you what….if you were still that struggling ass nigga from the southside of Chicago that DONDA raised, I guarantee these opportunistic, banshee ass heauxs would NOT be riding for you.  These people don’t love you.  They love what you do for their image….and in return….these succubuses have sucked the soul right from out of you with a crazy straw.  You fool….I keep telling y’all the Kardashiklan will be the demise of the black man.



Your consistent and purposeful and absolutely unwarranted degradation of Amber Rose and her past as a stripper is pathetic, sickening misogynistic AS FUCK and the pot calling the kettle a money hungry attention whore….because you certainly got the pick of the litter right?….Oh….


Oh….SIR….Don’t do it….pleeeeeease….let’s just not do this!

Let’s never forget Mr. Kardashian….one day you will have to sit North and young Saint down, and you will have to explain to them why their classmates and friends can google their mother choking on uncle Ray J’s scrotum.  You will have to try to explain to them why their mother is not a whore while these images are still floating around



How are you going to justify this image and the trillions of other where your wife is selling her body for profit?  Much like you belittle Amber for doing….


Oh but Bitch….

I sincerely hope Sebastian, the child you disgustingly included in an unnecessary argument….like a bitch, I hope he is amongst their classmates….so he can clarify the lies you’ll surely tell them….

I hope young Bash shows your children some compassion and explain to them that their mother was in a relationship and made a decision that ultimately led to them being as fortunate as they have been to grow up with opportunities that other children may never have.  I hope Bash tenderly advises them that, much like his own mother, their mother had a right to express her sexuality and should never have been shamed or condemned for it.

But the petty in me….It hopes at this point, he can find the words to explain that their mother is a coward who decided to not take responsibility for her actions and instead created a vapid persona who for some reason is exempt from the same things that would deem another woman a whore. I hope he educates them on how hypocritcal their parents are. Hopefully that will help them understand why we’ll never respect Kim.

Poor Nori and Saint….All their lives they had to fight….

You see Ye’….if amber is a disgusting whore….so is your wife, Mr. Kardashiankles.  Your wife is in fact, a much bigger whore than Muva.  See we can link amber to a few men in the industry.  You, Wiz, some other nigga that no one remembers….short list huh? Oh….but Kimberly? Kimberly Kardashian-Thomas -Humphries-(Could never be Bush so Ill settle for kanye) -West?  Yes, your wife was industry ass. And them’s just the gullible niggas she got to marry her….reggie obviously wasn’t with the shits….and so….that explains you. So….Does she still smell of nick cannons balls? How many showers did it take for her to wash the smell of kris dick off her mouth before you kissed her you hypocritical summabitch? Don’t you owe Ray-J an edible arrangement for being the reason your kids are even here? I mean….I just have some questions!!!!


Oooop. Thought we forgot about that huh….NOPE!

You disgust me.  Your “family” disgusts me.  Except North….and Rob….I’m here for them. The rest of you demon spawn can return back to the depths of hell from whence you come.  You’re all just taking up good, free oxygen trying to keep your over-inflated egos full.

I think I speak for everyone when I say Fuck you, Fuck Yall….BYE ASHY.



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