Slavery Era Records Soon To Be Available Online

THIS! Man….I’m beyond belief. This has been a week that could change the way I feel about America. After running through many posts on Tumblr, WP, and random blogs, I came across a story that didn’t seemed to read too good to be true. So I clicked, Google’d, textd and did some more reasearch. Well, it really does seem to be that Slavery records will be available to us. Of course this is an idea in the works, well way past an idea now, but I would love to see how this information will be gathered and disseminated.

Of all the things I have hoped for…this is one of them. Yes, I’m African American as well as a mix of other things, but I love my history and lineage. Funny story, I signed up for and got to a point where “NO RECORDS FOUND” kept plaguing my search. So after calling, and speaking to 6 people…I was then offered a TRUTH as to what happened with African American records. A female said to me, “Black records weren’t being filed until the late 60s/70s, so if you can’t find the information it’s because we don’t have it” Now, I tried to dialogue with this woman, but she wouldn’t hear me past her policies and procedures. Needless to say, I got all of my coins back from that foolish subscription.

In any case….wow….I can’t wait to get in and start digging through my history. How about you?


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