Power vs Empire

By now we have all been struck by the EMPIRE storm. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I became a POWER fan before Empire was even thought of. It was funny though, Empire came around right after Power was “cancelled” at the time when the viewing audience was thirsty for more. Whoever markets Empire did a hell of a job. It’s like everything fell into place.

Now, I won’t review the last episode but let’s just say, Power has a lot to live up to. I won’t lie, I thought Empire was going to either be a weak version of Power, or a Hustle & Flow spin off. It’s neither, it’s become it’s own show and I have to give Fox their kudos. With the integration of music, family, love, crime, and a little fighting…Empire has it all.

50 Cent is probably kicking himself in the ass for this one. Now, I know Power is coming back to Starz, but I don’t know if the announcement came before Empire debuted or after, either way, 50 had to have caught wind on the show [Empire], and pushed for another season of Power. I often try to see where the 2 stories fit with each other, but I can tell ya’ll…each one entertains in it’s own right. Look at the stories…

POWER : A crime drama that sets itself in two different worlds. One being a drug trade and the other, an NYC Nightclub “Truth” which seemingly caters to the elite of NYC. Both worlds which see the main character James “Ghost” St. Patrick at the helm. As Truth is just a front for his drug empire, many issues start to unfold as an old flame comes back into Ghosts life…unbeknownst to him, she is an FBI/DEA agent.

EMPIRE : Lucious & Cookie Lyon were just drug slingers from South Street [Philly].Until a new album from Lucious hit the industry and took off. While fame began to encompass Lucious, Cookie met troubles as she was locked up on drug charges. Now with years passed, Cookie has freedom and as Lucious’ ex-wife, she’s looking for her just due and rights to the Empire brand.

So just by understanding the basic synopsis they don’t seem alike, right? Well, many viewers, and yes even me, felt like Empire was trying to continue what Power left off. Until we dove deep into the story. Empire is just IT. It has the dynamics of a comedy, family show, and crime drama in one. Those are traits that Power doesn’t have, yeah it’s a good show, but it doesn’t capture me and develops slowly.

Oh and don’t get me started on the fact that I would have to PAY for the Starz channel to view Power…I’m good on that. I’ll continue to watch my FREE Fox so Empire can slay my Wednesdays.  Cookie, Cookie, Cookie….her and Olivia Pope need to have a sat down and discuss how they can mash up and fix EVERYBODY. Cookie KNOWS who she is and is NOT afraid to let ANYONE have it.

All in all, I’ll say that 50 cent is going to have a tough time maintaining viewers. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Power vs Empire

  1. Really?? Is it really about the money 💵… Power will maintain its viewer and more .. It is only popular because it is on a free channel… I have advice for you non-Power viewer… Purchase your Starz package before June 6 and cancel after Season 2 is done… #problemsolve #no more excuses

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