So guys, I’ve just recently obtained the opportunity become a CO AUTHOR on a book currently in production with Author, Makenzi. Now maybe you’ve seen prior posts from me about her work. See MAKENZI.

I’ve gotten the chance to read 2 of her works and I even have the honor of knowing this young woman. To me, she exemplifies a writer who continues to stay true to their works. I have been a fan of urban fiction since I can remember. Growing up in a housing project in Brooklyn, of course there weren’t many activities offered, reading turned into a favorite past time. I then wanted to become a writer, I’ve written short stories upon poems, haikus etc. All stuffed away in books that I’ve long forgotten.

As we get older, many things that we once were so enthralled to do, become thoughts in the back of our minds. Meeting Makenzi in 2013, unbeknownst to her, brought about a new life to what once was my dreams. Reading her book UNEXPECTED TRUTH (Im still upset about Marco) let me know that regardless of where you are in life, if it’s a dream, fight for it.

She has given me the opportunity to co write and I am ECSTATIC. Just being able to collaborate ideas, and the fact that someone is even interested in my creativity, gives me a light feel of verification that this is for me.

I wanted to make known how excited I am at the opportunity given. Definitely check out her work!

Twitter: @authormakenzi
IG: @AuthorMakenzi
Facebook: Author Makenzi
Amazon: Makenzi
Blog: Author Makenzi – Blogspot
Goodreads: Makenzi – Goodreads


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