New Things, New You

I just can’t stand this. We all have friends, family or even acquaintances in our lives that we see or interact with on a daily basis. Lately, being that it’s tax season, I’ve seen a lot of different attitudes and traits appear that weren’t very apparent before. And there we are….the root of all evil. MONEY! So here at La Mazmorra (The Dungeon), I’ve seen different folks come back from the mail room with different boxes. Now far be it from me to take the enjoyment of getting something new, away from anyone. I just don’t agree with the “showboatiness” of it all.

In this case, these individuals have about 2 choices. Either take the box to your vehicle and enjoy that euphoric feeling later on, or bring that box to your desk so attention can be placed on this item you just received. Option 2 usually prevails.

Now, I completely understand that “OMG, I just got these sneakers delivered to me, I can’t wait to wear them.” but the whole, “Im gonna open up this box, take out my sneaks and hold them up to inspect them while I leave the box open on my desk.”  thing is annoying.  I sit here sometimes and watch this happen and my stomach begins to cramp.

Why is it that some individuals feel the need to let everybody know that they’ve just got a package? Is it because you need to feel “better than” or could it be because you’re really not used to nice things. I’d LOVE to get inside the head of these people, or more so one person, who always thrives off of this type of attention.

Regardless of who you are or where you come from , I don’t think that when you’re pushing 35, still living with parents, and are a new parent, that it’s conducive to showboat material items. Hey, maybe it’s just me. I have no idea what other individuals’ finances look like, shit I have a hard enough time getting my own together. This just baffles me, and if there is someone out there that will read this and is this type of person, by all means, feel free to comment.


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