Lil Kim – Trap Queen

Trap Queen (Remix)

#BORING. This was a waste of a smooth 1 minute and 20 seconds. She has to stop this auto tuned foolery she’s been up to. I’m from #BROOKLYN and I usually go up for any artists from there and yes, she’s a queen blah blah blah. At what point do her “FANS” stop sucking on that ONE SHARED GRAMMY she won and start to LISTEN to her music and realize this is SUB PAR. For a female to have come from where Kim came from in her career, this type of music WILL NOT do it for me. There has yet to be an OFFICIAL single from her in YEARS and then you put out mixtapes and covers with this auto tuned crap. I just don’t get it. Ya’ll can continue to give Kim her props because of WHO she WAS, but step back into reality for a second and stop enabling bullshit music.

*steps off of soap box*


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