K. Michelle on “TODAY”, LHHH, & K Michelle : My Life Season 2

Any one who knows me, know I LOVE this woman. I do my best not to overwhelm everyone on WP with posts about her, but I can’t hold this one back.  K Michelle sang a fav of mine “HOW DO YOU KNOW” from her recent release #AWBAH (Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?). She has kicked off her MY TWISTED MIND TOUR. I’m pretty excited for all that has come to pass in recent months for my fav. From TV spots, TV shows, A 2015 tour and ALBUM! I always knew great things would happen for her.

I just get amazed at how she always comes through so SNATCHED. The pixie hair and all white ensemble did her justice. The cakes SPILL offa the chair tho…#YES!

With the tour wrapping on March 6, I know we wonder, “What’s next for K?” 2014 saw our girl NON STOP WORKING. I don’t think 2015 will be any different. It’s been reported that K Michelle : My Life has been renewed for a 2nd season. I can only hope Jonathan come back on through (fine self)…and I know it ain’t gon’ happen, but I can cross my fingers for a K and P reunion, right? (P gon’ see this and prolly cuss me, lol).

The most interesting news to me was that she would be appearing on LOVE AND HIP HOP : HOLLYWOOD. Now, I love her on TV. I just don’t think she should do these again….but who the hell am I? WORK THOSE COINS SIS!!!! LOL. Honestly, she’s the LHH Queen. Who else has been on EVERY season? LOL. She does bring that thing we all tune in for….DRAMA. Hopefully, with her growth, she’s changed.


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