For Men Only – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Im LOVING this list….If anyone goes through with that least 3 of these…let me know how that turns out!

HarsH ReaLiTy

Each year I like to give back to humanity by offering a Valentine’s Day post. Some of my previous posts were the following.

1. If for some reason you forget Valentine’s day (every other guy) just claim you thought it was like “Secret Santa” and unfortunately you got someone else’s name. She will understand.

2. If you are dating a feminist or somehow got tricked into marrying one I suggest buying her a tool belt. Nothing says “sexy” like an empowered woman fixing shit around the house right?

3. I once dated a vegan/”save every animal walking on four legs in this world” type of girl. To impress her one year I took her to the zoo and staged an emergency wherein I saved a kitten that had somehow wandered into a lion’s den. I probably should have used someone else’s cat because that lion was far faster…

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