I Sit Back and Wonder….

Ya know, since I wasn’t able to attend school this semester and my job only takes up about 8 hrs of my day, I find my mind dangerously idle at times. When I say dangerously, I don’t mean psychopathic-murderous-machete wielding dangerous, but the subtle dangerous that often creeps up on you in the form of latent emotions or thoughts which you never really had time to get to, but always wanted answers. Well for me, I often think about things like “Is There a Multiverse?” , “When will I die?” , “Is death just like sleep?” , “Will I be a good dad?”.

I’ve asked a friend to see if this was a normal thing, rather am I the only person that experiences these questions at idle times? I know that the probability of being the only person to think this way is nearly impossible. I wonder WHY I think like this, WHY am I so enthralled, or my mind is, at the idea of death and what comes after and the future and different universes within a multi verse. Yeah, Im kinda weird, or am I.  My friend said to me,  “What you put in your mind throughout the day usually reflects back in your mode of thinking.” BISH WHET?! WTF does that even mean? I was thrown at her saying that because I don’t feel like my reading palette has a wide enough range.

I’m currently looking for different books to keep me entertained. I love electronics, but I can’t see purchasing some type of Kindle or iPad so that I can READ when the nostalgia of the tatted, brown, musky pages of a binded book takes me to a place that I enjoy, not often enough.

Anyone have any suggestions? Mysteries and Fiction are usually my faves, honestly…I haven’t veered away from those genres at all.

In any case, back to the topic at hand….Does anyone else have any wild thoughts or dreams when their mind is idle? This time usually comes at night, laid in the bed when you can’t sleep.

Share your thoughts, really guys….Id love to see what you guys think about as well.


4 thoughts on “I Sit Back and Wonder….

  1. You think that way because you are human. the only thing able to keep us awake at night is the unknown. People try to ignore it and during their day get frustrated and have no idea why. It is because they are not asking the bigger questions and their brains are starved for creative thinking.

    I was just like you. Before I met the Amazing Dr Black, (my husband), I would lie awake much of the night and think about all sorts of crazy things. If you think about it, the way the human race is going, we are tightly winding ourselves into a compacted ball of stress and tension to avoid being creative. We are taught that creative is day dreaming.. a waste of time. But without it our mind stops and we become sheep.

    Being a good parent? Can’t help you there. Even the best will wonder late at night if they have permanently damaged their kids. I have raised a Marine, and electrician, another going into the Marines and a girl who is the most comfortable in her skin I have ever seen. If you ask me. I don’t think I was a good parent at all. I am just glad my kids tell me otherwise.

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