Anyone Else Heard?

So I was at the gas station…. Sunoco if it matters, and they got real jazzy with these screens in the pump. First problem, it was entirely to cold to stand there and watch that and 2ndly it only showed some HGTV and CNN variant channels.

Anyway, what I found interesting but havent heard about ’til now, was
that The Justice Department has SECRETLY placed cameras around different highways in the United States, that gives, whoever is watching, a full view of what you’re doing in your car and also take down your license info. These cameras seem to be efficient enough to get your VIN barcode from the front bottom of your windshield as well.

Im not too sure how true this is but Shonda Rhimes has my mind warped to believe that the government is out here playing games with us. Which of course we all know is true, but….secretly though? I would figure that if they were going to do something like that, they would do it and then report that publicly…

Anyone else hear this?


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