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Chicken with Black Beans, Tomato, and Spinach including Bonus Fajitas Seasoning Recipes

Mmmmmmmm….I so hafta try this ASAP!!

My Patronus Is Coffee

My kids can be seriously amazing for my self-esteem. At the same time they can be a bit too blunt. After trying yet another “mom creation” I got “There isn’t anything you have ever made I haven’t liked!”
Aw! Thanks guys!
“Wait, don’t forget about that one recipe. That one was gross.”
Then they go on to discuss said gross recipe until I have to remind them 99% of the time I succeed. Hahaha. It is all well meaning and I love that they are honest.

That all said here is what we ate last night. I very literally opened my cabinets and thought “Hm….I think I will try this” and proceeded to pull things out.
I am sharing this because it was wonderfully simple and everyone liked it. I was able to make it ahead and so the boys just popped it in the oven for me while I…

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Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait 2

Sorry 4 the Wait 2

While we’re still waiting for Tha Carter V release, Wayne gives us a hold over (Which personally, NEVER disappoints) aptly entitled Sorry 4 The Wait 2. Album pushbacks have seemingly plagued Wayne with the last couple of albums. In any case, as a fan of SOME of his music, I’m ready to listen to these covers. I have yet to take a listen, but I’m here for TRY ME, U GUESSED IT, & DRUNK IN LOVE. Take a listen and DL below.
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Chris Brown – Autumn Leaves [Video]

The mucial genius of Chris Brown hasn’t failed me yet. In his latest release he co-stars alongside Karrueche Tran, with whom he has recently “made up” with (again). I dont follow too much of the drama that befalls this young man, but recently there was a nasty issue between the two. All that aside….I LOVED the song before I even knew there was a video. You ever listen to a song and it takes you through about 3 or 4 emotions within that 4 minute time frame? This song does that for me. I’m a big Breezy fan, Ill continue to remain one….just as long as I stay away from his not-so-personal, public life.

“It seems that all the Autumn Leaves are falling…I feel like you’re the only reason for it…”

In any case, Im tired of the we’re together, now we’re broken up, Im gonna slander you on social media, oh nvm that I called you every name in the book let’s get back together type of relationships. Those tend to be the most volatile but if those are the foundations of this great music….#KeepItUp.

And all was right with the world.