I never really understood the human …what is it, emotion/idea/feeling that we HAVE to get one over on the next man. This past weekend I had the opportunity to sit with a couple of HIGHLY educated men and women of different nationalities/backgrounds/religions/sexuality etc. This wasn’t a forum, or a focus group, It was just that were at the right place at the right time. I felt as though the universe set this up for me. Sitting back and listening to their stories and how they all came into their ivy league schools or graduated from their community colleges, you could see the SUPERIORITY complex set in, just by the body language. For instance, “Joe” said “I studied at a community college not too far from where I live, and after those 2 years I then transferred to a private school where I obtained my masters…”. When Joe hit on the word community, I saw “Pilaf” cringe and fix his shoulders a lil higher…

I say this to say, why can’t we just be happy for someone else’s success? Why is the first thought we jump to is…”Well, I’ve done this” or “Let me tell you how I did it…” I think the problem with society nowadays is the fact that we don’t look deeper into a situation or a person before trying to make ourselves come out on top…

This post is definitely all over the place but I am simply speaking as it comes to mind…sometimes a good blog is one with no specific direction as I look to incite DISCUSSION.



One thought on “Why?

  1. I think Social media has played a role in this superiority complex. We’re driven by perception and everybody wants to be braggadocious on the facebook and the instagrams. We all have to be better than the next. “Anything you can do, I can and have done better”. It’s exhausting really.


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