Your Religion Isn’t An Excuse For Hate

I have yet to view this in full but I’d LOVE some feedback …


Here’s another one from Dances In Rain: This one is on homosexuality.

“…..Just not their behaviour.”
What behaviour? You mean who they fall in love with? How dare they love someone!
“Same with murders, paedophiles, thieves and adulterers. He loves everyone.”
Do you really want to say being homosexual is the equivalent of being a murderer? Seriously? Murderers, thieves, paedophiles, and adulterers hurt other people. Who, might I ask, do homosexuals hurt? Who does their love hurt? What crime (legally speaking, I don’t care about what your religion says. We’ll get to that later) are they commuting?
“He hates the sin.”
“I do NOT hate homosexuals. I hate the sin.”
Why? Without saying “the Bible says so,” can you give me a coherent argument as to why homosexuality is wrong? Can you explain to me why your God would even care about the sexuality of any given human?

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