Charles Barkley on Racial Profiling & Police

So Charles Barkley is back in the news on the controversial tip. He’s come out to say that not all racial profiling is wrong. Oh, Oh really Charles? Well…let’s go ahead and take a look at why.

We never discuss race until something bad happens.This is true, but even in that fact, it doesn’t make it right for anyone to judge you based off of the color of your skin or certain types of clothing you wear.

Now I do agree to some extent with Mr. Barkley. Even as a black man, there has been times that I would cross the street because I saw a group of black men walking towards me, it’s all about what you’ve seen or experienced with a certain group of people. Generally, if more than 2 or 3 blacks are walking in a group, the immediate thought of “fear” or something bad, crosses your mind. So it makes sense to be cognizant of your surroundings. It’s sad that those groups are also seen as gangs.

What I see the issue with is HOW people are being profiled, with EXTREME PREJUDICE. The way police officers approach blacks, from what I’ve read and researched, generally there is a feeling that something WILL go wrong.

“We all got bad characters in our groups” I couldn’t agree with Charles anymore. Even though we know this, it doesn’t take away the fact that, blacks SEEMINGLY commit more crimes than any other denomination, or maybe it’s the stigma placed on our people for being black in the first place.

“The notion that white cops are just out there killing black people, that’s ridiculous. I challenge any black person to make that point” No Sir Barkley, it is not. When you put certain types of people in positions of limited authority with use of weapons, you’d have to rethink what you’re saying. I know not all white folks are bad people, hell I’d say none of them really are based off of who I know. If you take a look at WHERE these shootings are happening as well as the history of the people there, you can see a connection. In Ferguson, there has been, for decades, issues over racial profiling, discrimination, and much prejudice. It’s even harder to proves these things when you have blacks on the force as well.

“Cops are awesome, they’re the only thing in the ghetto keeping it from [becoming} the wild wild west.” Charles, REALLY? Now I am not up on your history or your finances but I am pretty sure you’ve been FAR REMOVED from any ghetto since your days starting in the NBA. I know you’re not living in a 14 story apt building with 8 apartments on each floor, I’m sure you’re not out here worrying about how you’re going to feed your children OR keep your lights on. So this comment…falls on def ears. Yes, the police, when they impose their authority properly, are forces that keep peace and organization in urban areas. The issue here is, WHAT are they doing wrong.

Now CB wants to speak on the Eric Garner case. An UNARMED man who was KILLED by police in NYC after about 4 or 5 of them had him in a choke hold. Mr. Barkley states CLEARLY, “I don’t think this was a homicide, I think that cops were trying to arrest him and it got a little aggressive.” Now it’s time for the interview to be OVER. Come the HELL on CB!!! It got aggressive to the point where they held an unarmed man, in a choke hold and killed him. Yeah, it got out of hand.  “If you fight back, things go wrong” Yes they do, but DAMN! How much excessive force does it take to apprehend someone AFTER they are on the ground?

After watching the “trailer” or preview to this interview, it makes me feel very uneasy. I’m still not even sure what side of the fence CB is on, but he makes it more clear, TO ME, that blacks have to take a look at ourselves in the mirror because it’s US who are the holders of the responsibilities in issues like this.

…….I’m at a loss.

Tune in for Brooke Baldwin’s full interview with NBS great Charles Barkley Wednesday @ 2pm on CNN.


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