K. Michelle – Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? (AWBAH) [Album Stream + Review]

On Dec 9th 2014, the highly anticipated second effort from K. Michelle, aptly entitled Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? will be available for purchase here in the US.  If we take a look back to when K,. Michelle first “graced”  the scene, we know this couldn’t have been an easy path. With many people counting her out and some even hoping she would fail, she has taken the heat and molded herself into, what I would like to call, an entertainment powerhouse.

With reality TV [LHH:NY, K. Michelle: My Life], to musicals [K. Michelle : Rebellious Soul The Musical], Concerts [Rebellious Soul Tour], numerous videos, and a multitude of mixtapes she’s solidified her spot and we will definitely see more from her seemingly on a consisten basis. It’s like that K MICHELLE reign just wont LET UP! lol. As the countdown to the release of #AWBAH continues, Miss Michelle lends us an early listen to what is sure to be an amazing album. Hear the stream of #AWBAH below…

Starting off with Judge Me, K will ALWAYS let you know that its ok to judge her, but take some time and look into your own closet as well. “I know it’s easy to point ya finger at me, cuz I only say the things that only yall think”

Cry has to be my absolute FAVORITE song on this album. She came ON the track lettin’ us know “I’m bout to go in” and I didn’t take her too serious, but when you listen to these lyrics…BAY BEEEE! Ugh, I don’t know what it is about this woman and her ability to dig up emotions in me but LORDT. “You gon suffer, you gon suffer, for everything you did, I’ve been through too much of this…you gon’ cry…you gon’ pay me in tears”. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of situations, or been through one, where I felt like I’ve spent all that I can on someone and was never repaid…but K told me, they gon’ CRY and repay me in tears…and she ain’t never lied. The melody of this song takes me away, driftin’ on every word she bellies out. It’s always necessary to let a fool know “I’m not bitter…stay with her, maybe she can take your SHIT!”

When Hard To Do began to play, I knew I’d love this as well. That sultry voice sang to me, “I apologize, Ill let it go tonight, forgive me and I’ll forgive you… what u gon ‘do when I put that pretty thang on you, I usually don’t do this, but Ill do it for u”. Let’s me know that LOVE is alive and well in K’s heart. We all just wanna give love…. she caught me with a reminiscent moment when she sings “Missing you is way too hard to do, I’d rather be fucking you “. I don’t know, but I believe that there is a sample of Total’s Kissing You on this track, either way, only Kim knows how to make u feel good while her word choice is oh so vulgar.

All in all I believe that TRUE lovers and HEARTBREAKERS alike will enjoy this album. It’s an EVERYBODY album, not just for the young or old or in between, but there is a track on this album for anybody who’s ever felt anything with their hearts.

Drake Would Love Me…. just the title of this tune got me a lil excited. K is no stranger to a name drop on a song or a complete title dedication. [Check S.N.F.G ie : Justin Bieber]. I know Drake is going to hear this song. This dedication to October’s Very Own is pretty dope…Drake better go ahead and sing his lil heart on out on the remix…lol. Hear the track below…

 Catch the OFFICIAL TRAILER for Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?

After gettin’ into the Official AWBAH Album trailer, catch the stream of Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? available for PRE ORDER on Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Best Buy, and released EVERYWHERE on Dec 9th. Pre Order the BEST BUY version for exclusive access to special tracks “SILHOUETTE” and “GET IN MY BED”

Head Over to MTV.com to get in to the FULL STREAM of “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?” Available DEC 9TH!



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