Statik Contribution : Fashion Is A Time Capsule…

*Contributed from our kee kee sister @Mz_Leeseo*


Is it me or did my grandmother have that on in my baby picture? Fashion is a time capsule

Cosby Show Huxtable fashion blog 80s sitcom Carrie Hanks Ethel Ayler

Do you color block? Are your jeans high-waisted? And fellas is that blazer tailored?  We all have to agree that we wish our grands & parents saved a few items from their closet.  This is mainly the 70/80’s baby era (stand up 80’s babies).  Back in the 70/80’s people were carefree and had their own style.  Could you live in this era?  I sure could!!!! Hunnnnnni let me tell you I LOVE me a high waist anything!  Being able to pair a cute crow neck t-shirt, high-waist jeans, bulky necklace, blazer, stiletto, & oversized bag!!!!!!!!!!!!! LYFE WAS DELIVERED September 30, 2014!!!!!…. This fit is so simple yet so diverse. This can be worn by my slender, slick (slim/thick **yall better get on that Fab soul tape 3), stallions , and stacked silhouette dolls! Nowwwwwww ladies if you got that extra cushion for the pushing don’t be afraid to tame it!!! Check out for a little assistance…. Now where was I oh yea …. Today we call what our parents wore Vintage Couture!!!! Chileeee Please it’s Thrift Store Goodies with a flare, yall better get with it! Take the old school classics that’s back in style, put your own twist on it & now your own fashion history becomes legendary!!!!


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