Foxy Brown & Others Artists @ Def Jam 30 [Video]

Foxy Brown

Everybody that knows me, KNOWS and I am a DIE HARD Foxy Brown fan. That’s gon always be the King Bitch in my eyes. News moves pretty slow here in VA and I try my best to keep up but … *shrug*. Def Jam celebrated 30 years of Hip Hop…I know I’m gettin’ old because I could swear that they JUST had a 20th anniversary. The Barclay’s Center hosted the event where former artists like DMX, Ja Rule and Ashanti, Redman, Method Man, came out and rocked the mic. Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Fabolous, French Montana and Big Sean even graced the stage. Catch their performances below tho…

Fox came through and STORMED for BROOKLYN with BK Anthem, switching it up and takin’ me back with Touch Me, Tease Me too. This is NOT the old Fox and I’ve learned to appreciate her WHENEVER she decides to come out and spit. #Brooklyn

DMX layed off of … NVM. Watch him perform his hits. #ThatisAll

Rick Ross, French Montana, Stalley


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