K. Michelle : My Life [Trailer]

Screen Shot 2014 10 15 at 12.04.00 PM WATCH: K. Michelle Releases Trailer For New Reality Show

YES LORD!!!! I’ll try to be as OBJECTIVE as possible…lol.  Since earlier this year when K Michelle broke news to the Rebel Nation that there were BIG THINGS in the works…we were patiently waiting for #RebelliousSoul which SLAYED lives, #AWBAH which is DESTROYING and doesn’t even have a first visual, caught some IG photos of her recently in production of K Michelle ‘s Bedtime Stories slated for late 2014 early 2015,  now we get first looks at K Michelle : My Life due out November 3rd @ 9pm on VH1.

Ya know, just by watching this trailer…I can already see that we’re gonna get THE REAL DEAL K Michelle….not that we haven’t been getting that since day 1. It’s gonna be alotta laughs, and I’m glad she finally has her OWN platform to be able to just show who SHE is. Did yall catch Chase though? LMAO! So who’s here for my sis and her antics? Kim…I’m ready.

Like Paris (@WhoIsParisPhillips) said “Yall betta get them cable bills paid NOW”


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