K Michelle & Keyshia Cole to hit the road… TOGETHER!!

So I’m just browsing the innanets and stalking K Michelle’s IG / FB / VINE / Twitta and eything else she touches… when I come across a tidbit of information that myself and the bestie, @willcito (Who is EQUALLY parts crazy over Keyshia as I am over Kim), have always been talkin about. A JOINT TOUR… My heart just melted.

K Michelle teased the other night while shouting out Keyshia for her Bday :

I must have stared at this tweet for a good 25 minutes thinking about how I was gonna make it to at least 3 of their shows. They gon’ do it for the ladies but you can best believe that I’ll be thinkin’ they singin’ my story as well… YES GOD!

After K headlined “Rebellious Soul Tour” and Keyshia wrapped up the “Point Of No Return Tour” this summer, it seems like their both ready for a joint venture together. Since K popped on the scene we (Rebels) have been wanting a REAL collabo from both of the powerhouse vocalists. (YES I SAID POWERHOUSE!). I think this is a good look for the both of the ladies. Keyshia just debuted at No 9 with her 6th studio album, Point Of No Return while Kim gears up for the release of her sophomore album AWBAH. 

Well, we all know I LOVE K MICHELLE!!!! I have a tidbit of advice for my babe though. Sis, I want you to keep your head on straight while on the endeavor with Keysh. Let’s not have history repeat itself. I’m only speaking from a standpoint of a fan who follows your name in every iota of news, publication, etc. I love you and Keysh’s friendship…let’s not make this a K x Elle battle or something of that nature. I’d hate to see that 2/3 weeks into the tour yall mad at each other or shade is being thrown. I know you’re all about your coins!!! [Ref: I Love The Money , Still No Fucks Given] I can see so many great things for you because you’re one of the hardest working people I know to ever do this.

In any case, I can NOT wait until they release dates for this tour… Ill be sure to make sure that me and WIll find our way to a show!!!!


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