Beyonce x Nicki Minaj – Flawless [Video]

Ok so….I know that Bey and Nick performed on the last leg of the On The Run tour and they SMASHED. Of course we’ve all seen the performance via that ONE TIME HBO paymet that some made to their cable providers. lol. (Wont’ catch me on a monthly basis COX!!) I really tried to hold out and not post the vid because my optimism that they would create an OFFICIAL visual for this video led my thinking….It’s been WEEKS and I haven’t seen it yet…so, let’s just go ahead and share the performance with the 6 people in the world who didn’t see .

….cuz we A listers/we paid sisters/ this watch right here done phased blizzards/I confess I woke up like this/all this drank in my cup like this/all this ass on that flawless dick/instagram anotha flawless pic/flawless city wit these flawless titties/i got all these hundreds you got all them fitties/im wit some flawless bitches cuz they more than pretty/cuz niggas love bad bitches that be on they grizzly/throw dis ass back I be on my frisbee/princess cut diamonds on my disneeeeeeeyyyyyyy


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