BET Cyphers [Video]

Ok, so the BET HIP HOP AWARDS were the other day….I don’t partake in the foolishness, and the coonery that is BET. I won’t , or at least I’ll try not to, go into how my dislike and distaste for this network grows with every OLD idea they throw back in our faces every year with these awards shows and lack luster productions. It’s amazing that we (African Americans, screw it…and all other denominations) partake in this crap. Hey, I’m not gonna bash them…for a network to still be around decades later…they’re doing something right, or catering to the right crowd.

Once again, I didn’t watch the awards. I’m not here for the performances, but the CYPHERS!!!! Man oh man. I’ve been diggin’ the cyphers since Nicki Minaj came through and BLESSED us on the BET HIP HOP AWARDS 09 CYPHER. Remember how she gave it up????

Call Me Dracula Cause All I Do is Count Chips
Your Money Minnie. I Ain’t Talking Bout The Mouse Trick!
These Girls Running Like I Just Threw The Bouquet
They Know I’m Headed to the Top Like a Toupe
Now All The Bums Is Wondering Where I Be’s At
You Ain’t A Barbie. It’s None Of Your Freaking Beezwax
These Little Rappers I Can See Them in My Dash Cam
I kno dey grouchie like Oscar up out da trash can
I’m On Stage You Can Sit in The Crowd
I Be Up in Leer Jets make A Left At the Cloud
I think She Need the Heimlich she’s the Choking’ kind.
She Gets No Burn. No Smoking Sign
Metaphor Heaven So They Approve Nicki Like my Credit Score 7
Mac & Cheese… steak fries chicken da guts
And I’m Killing These Bitches Mike Vicking em up


Yes, My all time favorite CYPHER EVER!!! Ok Ok, but we’re in 2014 now and I must say….the ONLY Cypher I was pissed I missed was Remy’s. Catch how #ShesAround w/ hubby Papoose. After we showcase Remy….catch all the other Cyphers from that night after….

Jarren Benton, Cory Charron, Remy Ma, and Papoose

Pap and Rem so damn cute together….

Troy Ave, Detroit Che, Dee-1, Logic, and Lil Mama

Why did it take yall so long to put Lil Mama aka Bow Wow long lost twin, on a Cypher? Just couldn’t find the right person to write for her? Oh…. lemme stop. Love me some mama from ABDC



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