Preachers of Detroit

(YESSS DORINDA!!!!!! She gon slay it for yall…I already know!)

OK so….. yeah…. I’m not going to pass too much judgment. Well none at all really, I didn’t get into the first set of this show PREACHERS OF LA. I’m not highly religious or spiritual but the first thought of preachers on reality TV…made me feel like this type of TV and THE LORD just shouldn’t go hand in hand. IN any case, meet the cast when you read on.

Oxygen is expanding this franchise with Preachers of Detroit, set to premiere winter 2015. This series will highlight the faith, family, and values that the 7 men and women go through in Detroit, Michigan.

There are still Houston and New York casts to be determined.  It should be noted “Preachers of L.A.” Season one was the most watched freshman series in network history among people ages 25-54, averaging over one million total viewers. The series delivered digital success as well with more full episode streams per week in season than any other Oxygen original series and was a Top 10 most social cable reality program in October and November 2013. On VOD, “Preachers of L.A.” earned over two million transactions


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