Keep August Alsina in Ya Prayers

August Alsina was hospitalized days ago due to exhaustion, and now they’re saying that he is being held because of seizures that the NO LOVE singer has been having. Make sure ya’ll send a prayer up for Auggie… (SN: I know what hospital he’s in…but what kinda good does that do when ya 6 hrs away) Would I have gone up there? Absolutely not. Would I get a CRAZY ass FOOL to get in there and get me some info….OF COURSE!

Here’s the video of Young Alsina passing out on stage during a show earlier this week.

August you know…I’m here to save you! Me and dem gurls, we ain’t da same boo!
You know I hate it, when you leave me
Cause you love it then you leave it
But you know how bad I need it
You’re so fuckin’ conceited…

UGH! Love me some Nicki on No Love Remix….


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