Black Ink Crew – Puma x Quani vs Ceaser x Dutchess

I’m not a big fan, but why wouldn’t I keep up with what’s going on in my NYC streets? I dont have much to say on this video…yeah, it happened earlier this week or last week…I’m just running across the video though….weren’t yall just friends at the wedding? Check the vid to see who got washed.

A bunch of NEGRODIAN foolishness!!! Cease and Dutch took to twitter or the IG’s or whatever and made sure to let EVERYBODY in the world know that they were jumped. I don’t get it…. yall out here pushing 30 and in the streets fighting about what? I’ll wait on it…


2 thoughts on “Black Ink Crew – Puma x Quani vs Ceaser x Dutchess

  1. In my opinion Cease let Dutchess bring him down. Now every episode she crying and acting a fool. He should have put his foot down 2 season’s ago and followed this golden rule….don’t shit where you eat.


    • Cease is such a ….. what’s the word…. IDk but either way I know that it doesn’t make any sense to let that woman “run” you like that. She is full of dramatics and will do anything to keep her bread winner. Story of a bum ass harlem chick. Cease gotta get hip to what’s going on. I hope that if they’re gonna come back for another season, they don’t show this foolishness


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