K. Michelle – Love ‘Em All

Love 'Em All

Sis just don’t and won’t stop giving us Rebels these tunes!!! Everybody is out here thinkin’ Beyonce is the only artist who grinds and stays in the studio…but I must say my sis K Michelle never lets me down. She released a teaser, which she is very well at, seeing as she always has us going crazy for a full track. Love me some K…get in to the track and DL it wherever tunes are sold.


Ya’ll know I’m here for EVERYTHING K Michelle. I’m tooooo excited for her to finish up her sophomore effort #AWBAH.  I’m not too familiar with what the acronym stands for, but I’m sure it’ll be something like a fairy tale. There was an online session for fans, and during that time The Queen Rebel revealed that her new single Maybe I Should Call will be hitting the airwaves in 2 weeks. With Rebellious Soul out now (and available everywhere), her new show on VH1 K Michelle : My Life hitting small screens on November 3rd, and #AWBAH coming soon… Q4 of 2014 and Q1 of 2015 are looking real nice for sis.

Catch Love Em All on iTunes


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