Remy Ma – Hot B***H (Hot N***A Remix)


I’ve never been a big Remy Fan, but I’ve always been a fan of her delivery and her content. SHITS CRAZY! I’ve been patiently waiting for original music but hey…I ain’t complaining. Take a listen to HOT BITCH , the Bobby Shmurda Hot Nigga Remix.

It’s something about Remy….

NYC is on its TOES waiting for Remy to DESTROY female rap. We know that Nicki is the CURRENT reigning queen….but she’s in her own lane. Remy ain’t bout all that gimmick life….not saying that Nicki is… (Ain’t got time for the Barbz to come thru and get their feelings hurt). Remy is in a position right now where EVERYBODY wants her….EVERYBODY is gearing up for a release from her.  Check this track tho…. #TheRulersBack #SheAround


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