Lil Kim – Hard Core 2014 Mixtape Cover Art

Hard Core Mixtape

This is in no way SHADE…but I looked at this cover art and started to immediately look for a pic, doll, or wig that resembles Nicki. Kudos to Kim for that. I wonder if it’s gon be available via Pay Pal …AGAIN. LOL. If ya revenue ain’t hittin’ like it used to back in 96/97 then def put ya joints out there for a smooth 6.99 and of course ur gon sell a couple copies. I digg me some Lil Kim…I just don’t feel like it’s her time anymore….at the end of the day…she’s an ICON blah blah blah.

She gon’ always be THAT Brooklyn chick that came thru and BLAZED back in the day…but just like technology, society is advancing and as much as I’ve waited for Kim to “come back” …. I now figure she’ll get here when she gets here. As long as she doesn’t jump on records thinking that someone said her name…I thought she was born KIMBERLY DENISE JONES. Nicki said no such thing….movin’ right along though.

In any case…. I’ve listened to about 2 of the tracks and they actually sound good. Lyrics on point…flow is on point. Since 2011’s Black Friday mixtape, she has not raleased anything. Even though a come back, in my opinion, would call for an ALBUM. I’ma just go head and be happy she tryna put SOMETHING out.

Did all the record labels ban her from recording music? Or nah?


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