Jennifer Lopez and that “Booty”

Jennifer Lopez


Last night at Fashion Rocks 2014, J to the L O performed her latest single “Booty” with my Azalean Queen, Iggy Azalea.  They say the video is slated to hit us this week, and is directed by Hype Williams (I can’t believe this man is STILL makin’ videos. He gettin’ them coins!) Catch the performance below and watch all dem cakes just FLOP around the stage…LMAO

I’m not here for J Lo and this “AKA” album but if ya’ll think it’s worth a listen…let the kid know.


3 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez and that “Booty”

  1. I’m a huge fan of Bob Fosse’s “The rich man frug” and I can appreciate that she was inspired to pay homage, much like Beyonce did way back in 2007s “Get me bodied” video. However, the difference between the two is that Beyonce brought a fresh vibe while this felt a bit stale and was not a good match for the legendary Fosse style. Not here for the song or performance. Never have and never will be here for the vocals. And bitches had ass long before J.Lo so ill never get why she gets so much hype for hers. But Cute ponytail tho 😞 that’s all I got.


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