Statik Music : Jhene Aiko – Souled Out (Stream)

Jhene Aiko, 'Souled Out': Track-by-Track Review

Now, I love some Jhene Aiko. *cue music’* “I don’t need you, I don’t need you…” that line was one that stuck in our heads this summer as the accompanying track The Worst has been labeled one of the most played by radio of this summer. Now I was all for this album…but Jhene, to me, sounds pretty much the same on all her songs. Maybe I should clean my ears or get a new set, but there is no range. Well, Maybe I should take a deeper listen to her album…in any case, check out a stream of the album after the jump and head over to Billboard and see what they have to say about  Souled Out.


Souled Out Track By Track Review by

Snippet of the review :

Souled Out is an insular album, not meant to spill from nightclub speakers or queued up on playlists at house parties. It’s ‘party of one’ music to overthink with and lines to quote when angry at a significant other–the soundtrack for hard times.


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