Statik Discussion II

What is an absolute dealbreaker when it comes to dating, choosing a partner etc?


5 thoughts on “Statik Discussion II

  1. I’m not even too sure I know what a dealbreaker is until it slaps me in my face. I know what I DONT want though…someone with no DRIVE FOR LIFE or no AMBITION. These things I can NOT live without. Now, you have alot of folks that are always talkin’ about “He gotta have a job” , “She gotta be in school”… I dont need alla that. What I do need though, is for you to be moving toward your goals. Not everyone can be gainfully employed, nor can everyone make enough money to support their life styles and yours. So, I’d like to think Im a pretty simple guy when it comes to my standards. I dont ask for much, just to see that you’re making an effort in getting yourself on your feet and on the right track. If it just so happens that you have all of these things….THEN WE’RE GOOD! Or are we? Cuz bae baeeeee, if it ain’t ONE THING, it’s gon’ be ANOTHER.


  2. The deal breaker in a relationship to me is being abusive (physical and mental), drug abuse and infidelity. Somethings can be worked out and forgiven but you gone respect me.

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    • YES! Certain things could take time to fix or they may just linger. In any case, it’s about what you feel you WANT to work on. Some things can be worked on but folks just aren’t deserving of your time.


      • My comment may be off subject but in my opinion people now a days are selfish and are out for self and not out to satisfy their mate. So I think deal breakers when choosing a mate is diluted now a days because people put up with more for the love of money.


      • I agree. Being a selfish individual and going through some of the motions of trying to satisfy my significant other, I’ll definitely say that selfish traits don’t belong in a relationship. ANYTHING is really a deal breaker now a days. It can be the fact that someone has thousands of friends on FB, or constantly tweeting, or whatever else folks have their own perceptions on. As long as both of you are honest with each other, none of that should matter because when you LOVE or are in DEEP CARE for someone, you’ll be willing to compromise.


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