Statik Discussion I

Would you date someone who can’t match your lifestyle?


3 thoughts on “Statik Discussion I

  1. This is a tricky one…. I mean for lack of better words, let’s say “…SUPPORT your lifestyle”. Me personally, I dont want someone who can MATCH my lifestyle, I’m looking for someone who can UPGRADE the kid! So if you’re bringing exactly what I am to the table, then we can work on progressing on to bigger and better things, together. If you’re comin’ to the table with lint in ya pockets and ya hand out…YOU GOT DA WRONG ONE! I dont have any children, nor do I want to have a grown man or woman in my life that I have to coddle or “support”. As adults, I expect a lot from folks. Now, I love someone who can buy me nice things and support my grandiose lifestyle of TRYING to be rich and famous…but let’s face it, eybody out here selfish as shit. So I bust my ass on a daily basis to ensure I dont have to look at ANYONE for ANYTHING at ANYTIME.


  2. I’m with you, I want someone who can upgrade me because I’m a very motivated individual. We can move to the next level together. I’ve never been in a relationship where a guy looked for me to take care of him and I will not take on the role of taking care of a grown man. What I bring to the table I want him to be able to match but striving for better.

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  3. YESS FOR THE STRIVE!!! Girl u know u can’t raise a man…didn’t K Michelle tell ya’ll??? Nah but seriously tho…it’s females (and males) that are desperate for the “love” and “attention” who will go out and enable folks to use you…I could NEVER become that person, not knowingly…but LOVE can make you do some CRAZY THINGS GURR!


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