Memba This : K. Michelle SPAZZES on Bossip

So…I know I’ve said fav this or fav that to certain posts on Statik Magg… but BAY BEE! When I tell you AIN’T NO OTHER like some KIMBERLY MICHELLE PATE aka K. Michelle. I love this woman DOWN! I’ve followed her career before y’all knew that you CAN’T RAISE A MAN or before you and ya shawty went out to feel VERY SPECIAL (V.S.O.P.). So I was running through Facebook and what is it I see… a post from A YEAR ago when LHHATL S2 had just wrapped I believe. Mimi x K. were on the outs…but Kim made SURE to let that THING from HAVE IT!

Either way, this is NOT the K. Michelle of today…I’ll be the one to say that I LOVE the growth that she’s shown. Yeah, she might clown ya ass and hurt ya feelings but…U shouldn’t have jumped bad! lol Nah but Kim has grown immensely in her music, life, and career…I’m so proud of her.

Yall know I gotta go head and plug the album tho right??? Rebellious Soul is in stores, on iTunes, Amazon and everywhere else u can buy records…That FREE DOWNLOADING shit is for the BIRDS! When it comes to the sis….SUPPORT REAL MUSIC! – For all the latest on Kim’s tour dates, videos, shows and music.

We know Rebellious Soul is still out here slaying, but #AWBAH is coming real soon! Catch the teaser for the new single Love ‘Em All below


4 thoughts on “Memba This : K. Michelle SPAZZES on Bossip

  1. I remember this. This was when I decided I was not here for homegirl and these tired stunts. She completely went off on that young man who did not write for bossip BTW and as a result he lost his job. I thought it was tactless and unprofessional. She should’ve taken her beef up with the editor of the articles published not just any old body that she felt like she could jump bad with. And she been keeping up mess since this incident. This girl sings her face off but….a slick mouth and nasty attitude is only gonna take you so far. You can’t act like a classless bullying banshee (under the guise of keeping it real) then be upset when your image is reported in that same manner. I’ll agree some blogs do go a bit far but this young lady has to learn to pick and choose her battles. As talented as she is her career won’t ever surpass the chittlin circuit if she doesn’t learn some grace and humble herself. And she’ll have no one to blame but herself. Plus wasn’t nobody eeem talkin to her so she also needs a lesson in manners, a hug and a praying grandmother with her rude ass. Just My 2 cents….


    • I can agree on some of your points, but personally I can say…she’s growing into someone else.. Now everything that folks say about her attitude, are definitely matters of opinion and yes….my opinion on her is definitely biased. At the end of the day, I know how to be subjective over objective. Either way, there is alot of work that comes into greatness. Her talent is there, it’s the “rough around the edges” type personality that some say that she has, that people focus on more. I’ve watched many an interview or show where’s she’s gone off on someone… having a defensive personality will do that to you. Ya gotta learn not to get your emotions intertwinced into something as foolish as an OPINION that a blog would say…but then again, we all react differently. And GIRL! What CHITLIN CIRCUIT??? Baby, she’s come VERY far from some damn local radio station chitlin circuit career style….my baby out here wit TV shows, albums, features, and endorsements. Save all that…THANKS! :-*


  2. Until she’s selling out stadiums or headlining a real tour she’s on the chitlin circuit. A few shows down to the bb Kings, endorsing some edge control or whateva and one little spot on VH1 is hardly next level shit. Lest we forget VH1 gave flavor flav his own show for multiple seasons….clearly they just let anybody on that channel. And when I start hearing about solely her music and not about her hopping into her feels for the umpteenth time….I’ll give miss girl her credit. All that hollerin and pettiness has to cease though. No excuse for a grown woman to consistently behave like a highschool sophomore. I hope she does continue to grow because her talent is undeniable. But she gone end up on an episode of Unsung if she keeps up with these shenettigans.


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