Statik Review : LHH : ATL Season 3 Reunion Pt 3


Oh Boy! The drama never ceases, and we’re all guilty of loving it every Monday night. Pt 3 of this LHH ATL get together, aired tonight and the boredom ensued. Its amazing that the whole reunion show turned into a Stevie x Joseline S1 pilot. She did go bananas and start attacking everybody but I mean damn…if you take her from the show, who is there to watch? Now, I aint the one to pass judgment but if the coke is gon be that good, dont waste ya high on beatin everybody up and gettin kicked out…for what??


Now we get to the Stevie x Joseline show and facade of a marriage. Y’all thought she was bout to pull out a damn LEGAL document? She look like she still don’t have valid ID or a Green Card. They look horrible sitting on that couch. Lmfaooo Joseline said … “Them hoes look thrifty!” Goodnight. Then it was “Oh, there goes Mimi! #PLOP!!” This is hands down one of the most entertaining women/men/TGirl on urban television right now, like it or not, Jose brings in those ratings!

I’m bout OVER this home made scripted ass video. Mimi chased her coin, lied about it, came out and told the truth that we all knew…moving on. It’s funny how the story about Mimi confessing to leaking the tape came out right before the Reunion aired. Mimi thinks she is so calculated, bringing in them ratings for Mona so you can secure a spot on S4? Where is your story going? Next, will you get ass implants? Or who else is going to die? Don’t tell me you’re going to pull a “Long Lost Sibling” card on us. FUCK. OUT. OF HERE. You’re a BORE! *Yawn* NEXT!! Ariane, I really tried to like you, I fought myself and tried to prove my personalities (all 5 of them) wrong. But BITCH, you give me so much old grandma in Alabama swaying in a rocking chair sitting on that wooden porch, teas. You’re always trying to be Mimi’s Iyanla Van Zant, give it the hell up! If I ain’t know no better,  I’d say she tryna digg in Mimi cookie jar. *side eye* and that Nina Simone finger wave has to go…pussy ass, a bitch would NEVER tell me “Hey phony bitch…Im not gonna fight you today….give me my man hand back hoe.” and not have me attack her right there….TUH! *flips imaginary Brazilian bundles*

Sommore asked Nikko about that tape and he denied it, once again. I know that’s right, ugly! Stick to your ugly ass guns and don’t take not a piece of a lie detector. You know you going down either way…collect that porn coin, fix them yappers in ya mouth, and carry on.

Deb does NOT play with yall. She said “Be true to yaself…thats ya problem!” Go head auntie Deb! Up there on the stage in everybody business.


I don’t know if it’s just me but all I can refer back to is this video of her tooth tryna to make a mad dash from her mouth. You know damn well them lips gon’ catch that bad boy! Its must’ve been tryna get out that mouth for ages! I honestly can say, I feel bad for Mama Dee. She was livin’ it up out there performing for her new career move and this just had to happen. Well…I guess they say it happens to the best of us. I wonder what’s gon’ happen when they ask her about it. LMAO. She finished her set though like nothing ever happened, true professional. Ya won’t fuck up THOSE coins!


I love seeing me some Kalenna on TV. Yall dont know how much I love this woman. Her TALENT is undeniable! I still blast Chamber Of Diaries in the whip when I wanna feel fab, just throw on 6,000 Sistas and see what I mean. That pen game tho!!! Anywho…i loved her addition to the show. She brought a different vibe, I was able to relate with her more than the other characters. Yes CHARACTERS! Kalenna’s story line wasn’t drowned out by baby daddy drama or how her man slept with this one or that one. I loved how they were more about progressing as a unit and handling their situations as one.  Like she always says #GIG. Be on the Look out for Black Orchid (I’m FIENDING!!). Catch some (2) new tunes from my fav  below:


Now I love me some Thi and Z, and I think that if anyone can get their own show, it’s them. Benzino didn’t have absolutely any cause for getting as mad as he did, with Stefan though. You waited a whole week to be interviewed and then don’t wanna talk about the hot topic. Carry yo ass!! Althea was bout to spill a full 104 degree kettle of tea on us and his chopped neck ass talkin’ ’bout “No! Just say NO COMMENT and nothing else” Fuck u stumpy! When he did decide to talk though and took his diaper off, it was boring. A whole bunch of crap we could have read somewhere on their twitter feeds.

This reunion was TRASH in my opinion. I should ask for my money back. I cant believe I stomached that. After that fight, or whatver…it was OVER. I mean, the last 2 PT’s were all about Stevie, Joseline, Benzino, Althea and this fight…A WASTE! I’ll say though, once again, Mona you’s a BADDD GIRL! You’re promotion is UNDENIABLY effective. Im not even looking forward to next season though…I heard Stevie x Joseline may have a spin off. LHH : Hollywood is coming next week Monday @ 8 on VH1. Guess Mona aint givin’ ya”ll a rest on the weekly Monday Messes.


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