Statik TV : Scandal Season 4

IT’S ALMOST HERE!!! Even though “ALMOST” means a good 2 weeks and 5 days (Sep 25). It feels like forever that Oliva Pope got on that plane with (Former Command) Scott. She don’ got up and left ol’ Fitz to deal with the death of his son all by his lonesome… Poor Dat. In any case, we don’t have much longer to wait until we get to see where our favs pick up from Season 3’s cliffhanging finale.

I know who ya won’t be seein’ though. Give it up for the DUMBEST fool of them all… Columbus Short. Now, I dont’ know if Columbus was “Let Go” because of his domestic violence shenettigins (In My Joseline Voice), but I do know that Shonda ain’t playin these game!

Make sure u tune in to ABC on Sep 25th @ 10pm/et and before that be sure to catch How To Get Away With Murder @ 9pm/et


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