GQ Mag – “Son, Men Don’t Get Raped”


Being a former service member, I was drawn to this article. I’m always intrigued by the light shed on different areas of our government or “departments” of our society. Americans look at the military as a force that protects our population, but who’s protecting our protectors?


This article spoke to and about different men and women (mostly men) in our uniformed services and some of the physical and emotional abuse they’ve endured.


One of our soldiers, Trent Smith of the U.S. Air Force, spoke on his experience.

He was a senior aide – he had a direct line to the top. Being invited over…I took it as I should go. I didn’t want to cross him. I really didn’t feel like I had any choice


It sickens me that high ranking officials would use their power to take advantage of the “fresh starters”. I have had my own run ins with officials who think they can get over on you because you’re lower on the totem pole. I handled those situations….accordingly. My mom always told me, “If you dont STAND for something, you’ll fall for ANYTHING”. Those words never rang more true than times I felt pressured to do things I did not want to. What’s more is that when these soldiers would attempt to shed light, no one would believe them. Often telling a victim “Men don’t get raped” or “I’m sure it didn’t happen the way you’re putting it”. Oh it didn’t? So I just sat back while 3 men tied me up and took turns riding my pony while a black bag was over my head and they beat me up. Yeah, It didn’t happen like that.


Who do we turn to when we can’t even trust our own miitary forces to uphold dignity?

Head over to for more of the story.


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