Flashback Friday : Luchini (This Is It) – Camp Lo


In memory of my younger days in Brooklyn. When moms wud get offa work, blast some old school tunes like Johnny Kemp’s famous joint “Friday Night”. I remember my cousins wud come over and then Hip Hop wud blaze. One of my first songs I started boppin to as a youngin was Luchini.

You’re not gonna tell me this beat doesn’t have ya head bangin’ soon as it comes on, this was when Feel Good music was constant… *sigh* If Only.

I often wonder when and at what point in time did this type of music cease to entertain? The world may never know… But I loved comin thru this summer in my parkin lot or ridin’ down by the beach and blasting throwbacks like this, and just watchin to see who gon get a lil bitta dis beat! 😜

Luchini (This Is It) – Camp Lo [Video]


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