Author Statik : Makenzi


Makenzi is an author with several books under her name since 2004. Out of the 5, the one I’ve read most recently; Unexpected Truth, is STILL something to talk about. (That damned MARCO!!)


Other titles penned by Makenzi include : Dangerously, That’s How I Like It, Blood Brothers, Wicked Attraction


Fresh off of a book tour with fellow author Rekaya Gibson that included stops in Baltimore, Manassas, Jacksonville FL, Atlanta, Geeenwood SC and Hampton Roads VA; Makenzi is currently hard at work on some big things for the future!


Of course my opinions are biased…for personal reasons, but I love me some ‘Kenzi gurr!!


Before self publishing her own work in 2013, she served as an event planner for her previous publisher. In any case, head over to AMAZON, EBOOKS, OYSTER, KOBO, SMASHWORD, ITUNES or a retailer such as BARNES & NOBLE to get you an ol’ NASSSTY Makenzi read.

Check her out on social media too!

Twitter: @authormakenzi
IG: @AuthorMakenzi
Facebook: Author Makenzi
Amazon: Makenzi
Blog: Author Makenzi – Blogspot
Goodreads: Makenzi – Goodreads


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