Jose and His Shanettiganz


So, according to Ms. Joseline aka The Baddest Puta (@thebaddestputa1) aka Jose, she is going to be performing at the Female Hip Hop Honors Awrds held in LA on Sep 13, 2014 …. lets’ s have a brief moment of silence before u read on…

My initial question is “What the HELL are u performing?” Now…we know she has been “working” on this same single/album/mixtape/travesty since Love and Hip Hop S1 come around.

All 15,002 of those people that liked that post wont even be able to sing along to anything except that armageddon style youtube video…. Poor Him. The fact that Stevie J is using this young man and draining him for all he’s worth….is beyond me. I figure pimps had bottom bitches and a slew of others…doesn’t seem like his business is doing too well.


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