Be Optimistic

Admittedly, I am not a naturally positive, optimistic individual. Pessimism is my comfort zone…. which is Ironic because I’ve witnessed the Universe and Creator work on my behalf, in my favor more times than can be counted at this point in life. So why be ungrateful in the rare moments that life doesn’t go the way I think it should? I may not always get what I want when I want it, but I’ve always been provided for. My spirit knows this…. but I am human…. and so, being positive is something I have to consciously work at. It is within my power to choose to be Optimistic or Pessimistic. Again, I’m human. I don’t always make the obvious choice. But I do try to find the good and the lesson in everything. Wake up and decide to at least try to be a positive light in this world. It may not come naturally, but do your best and be proud as you notice your own growth. Practice gratitude as often as possible. Be Optimistic! You’ve got nothing to lose by trying 😊✌❤❤


Dear Mrs. Kardashian-West

Ok….here we go again….I really just want to mind my business and be a positive light in this world….but these Kardashiasses refuse to allow me to flourish in the land of peace and love.

Again, I gotta cuss them out….continue to read at your own discretion


Dear Kimberly Kardashian-West,

Let me begin by saying, I’m so sick of you.  I am legit weary of your very existence. Over it. #ImMuhFugginTiedBihhhh

You are by far the worst thing to happen to society since lacefronts became an everyday occurrence thanks to the commoners.

You are worse than Meek Millz comments section after “back to back” dropped and his continual and incessant hollering over various rap beats….

You are worse than Tyga’s Macaulay Culkin Home Alone hair-do….

You are worse than whatever TF Miley Cyrus is doing at this very moment….

You are worse than bill collectors calling leaving messages and filling up the damn voicemail inbox….

You are worse than Caitlyn Jenner’s obsession with kitten heels….

You are worse than Rihanna live vocals….

Simply put….


Allow me the opportunity to explain to you why we are all so fucking fed up with your fucking fuck-shit….


Here’s the thing….You like to be nude.  You enjoy bearing your nips, and vulva and various other purchased body parts….and We get it.  You’re proud of your purchases and you passed 2 children through those manufactured parts….so you want to show that you’re still a MILF. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  In my spirit, I am a hippy nudist who lives in the forest hugging trees and eating berries (in reality, I’m just out here in actual clothes and I’m plenty mad about it….Completely sick of underwear and Responsibilities). So, I am one of those free spirits that can appreciate the naked form in a non-sexual capacity.  In short, I’m not mad at the nudity at all.  What pisses me off so much about you as that you don’t really use your nudity as a form of self-empowerment.  You are not promoting healthy body images.  You are not trying to be a role model for the curvy girls out there, who may not always get the same love and attention their thinner counterparts receive.  You’re not doing this as a feminist statement that says, “FUCK YOUR RESPECTABILITY POLITICS, I am woman and I am strong and Powerful.  I am a sexual being and my body is bomb AF Bihhhhh….FIGHT ME ABOUT IT. RUN UP HEAUX”


No, You are doing none of these things.  And that’s why we don’t respect your desperate and constant attention seeking antics via Instagram and various random magazine publications.  Weren’t you on the TV not too long ago saying how you won’t ever be naked again?  Crying those #KardashianTears about not being taken seriously?  Looking for somebody to just understand how hard it is for you to constantly be seen as only good for your body. #PoorDat and whatnot.

Member that Kimmy? And literally ever since then…allllllll you’ve done is be NUDE. BARE ASSED. NEKKID!

How do you cry these tears “For Armenian girls who’ve had enough when they don’t get 11likes on Instagram” and then turn around and do PRECISELY what you said you wouldn’t do?


Girl….Get TF On somewhere.

See Kim, the reason I’m fed TF up with your damsel in distress bullshit is because, you have built a career around being a narcissistic, self indulgent, ego-maniac and never once have you spoken out for your actions with a real message behind it.  I know we all listened to Beyonce’s Self titled 5th studio album and YouTube’d all Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie we could find and proclaimed ourselves FEMENISTS, while performing all the “Run the World” Choreography we could master….but you girl….YOU?….YOU CANT SIT WITH US!


Your only concern is yourself and your image.  So miss me with this bullshit ass, third grade essay proclaiming to the people why you’re a victim of slut-shaming when your Ig’nant ass husband and sister went out of their way to shame Amber Rose for the SAME BULLSHIT YOUR OUT HERE DOING! Fact is, we can link you to more industry men than Amber Rose so why do we give you a pass but she’s a groupie heaux? We can respect Muva because she ain’t never waivered in her convictions….you on the other hand, lack conviction….you lack many things….like a purpose….but that’s another rant for another day….

Also Darling Kimmy, You also can miss me with this whole “growing up around strong empowered women” crock of shit.  GIRL….Caitlyn DON’T COUNT.  Ya mama got a come up, you got a come up, ya family got a come up ALL. OFF. FUCKING!!!! Dassit. Das’all!  Where were these strong empowered women when your under-aged ass sister was out here fucking a grown ass man with a whole child, OPENLY? Again….GET THE FUCK ON KIMBERLY….


I’m really not interested in your pathetic sob story, Mrs. Kanye.  If I believed for a second that you were actually finally using your platform to call attention to the blatant and egregious double standards regarding women’s sexuality vs. Men’s….I could be somewhere catching up on episodes of Love and Hip Hop NY….but here I am….typing ferociously at my MacBook….Getting your ass right together….


Listen Kim….Ju….Just shut the whole fuck up, Mmmk?! I can’t find a nicer way to say it so….Do me that favor.  Like….continue to provide pics of them cute ass kids you helped create.  If you also wanna post pics of you bussin it wide open w/fruit loops hanging off your areolas….girl that’s your business and again….I ain’t one to judge because sometimes….you just gotta let the fruit loops fall where they may….glozell

HOWEVER,  if you choose to participate in such actions, spare us the Instagram Tears and faux-Feminist ramblings.  No one’s interested honey.  I mean….maybe Kris is somewhere reading it but that’s about it.

To recap:

You’re Trash √

You’re Husband is Ig’nant √

You’re industry Ass √

Muva Slays √

Your kids are Cute √

Your family is also trash (Except Rob) √√

No one cares about your fake tears √

Miss us with the bullshit √


And In conclusion….Fuck you very much!

P.s.  Tell Kanyetta them tweets last night were cute….But don’t come for Aunty Bette no more….She really will run up on y’all in these streets.  Aunty Bette Trill AF!


Bye Ashy!!!!